About Me

My name is Calvin Ramsey. I am in my last semester of college at College of the Ozarks and will soon be graduating with a double-major in Audio/Video production. Music is my ultimate hobby and always has been.

I created this little blog about four or five years ago when I was just out of High School and looking for some way to spend my time productively. Once I began college I ceased updating it due to lack of time.

Thankfully, my Convergence class required that I make a blog and... well, blog. So from there I decided to resurrect Too Roads and rename it Two Roads, since it makes more sense than Too Roads... Too Roads?? Really? Anyways, though these recent postings have all been for the sake of grades, I plan on continuing Two Roads with at-least a post daily.

Please feel free to contact Two Roads about ANYTHING.
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E-mail: Calvincramsey@student.cofo.edu
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/itscalvin