Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Return of Too Roads (now Two Roads)

It has been a long time....

I have missed blogging since the minute I left it. Thankfully, my Convergence and Social Theory teacher had us start a blog about a topic of interest. How could I not take the opportunity to blog about music for a grade!? So here we are. 2013. There has been an insurmountable amount of new music coming out. New bands, new songs, new albums. So with that said let's jump right in and get this started.

True Widow - "Four Teeth"

     True Widow is a three piece band from Dallas, TX. I had heard about them from my cousin a couple years ago but never got around to checking them out. Their third, and latest album "Circumambulation" is a gloomy, shoe-gaze, rock album that handles both the "rock" and "gloom" aspect exceptionally. While the whole album is good, "Four Teeth", the third song on the album, is probably not only my favorite song from the album, but probably my favorite song from 2013. The song has this heavy but subtle guitar delay that plays this killer melody, all the while bassist Nicole Estill sings smoothly over. Check it out and lemme know what ya think!