Saturday, June 27, 2009

Grizzly Bear Two Weeks Video

Thought I would share a video with ya. From their new album "Veckatimest" we have the track "Two Weeks", a lovely song with a catchy intro that will have you hooked throughout the whole song. The video, well, VERY unique. Watch and see what I mean.... Enjoy!

Band Of The Day: The National

Do you have any of those bands or specific Cd's that you only listen to on special occasions? Like, perhaps, music you can only play when its raining, or on sunny days? Or possibly when your driving home at 12 at night with a clear star-filled sky faintly falling on your car? I don't know why, but for some reason when its raining, I can only listen to Hip Hop. I know its weird huh? Well I said all this to bring you a band that falls into that 12 at night drive home category. The National, from Cincinnati, will more than likely ensure that feeling of pleasant, lonely melancholy in you as you drive through the moon-cast shadows. Matt Berninger, the lead singer of The National, is the prominent aspect of the band due to his baritome style vocals. They have four cds out currently, and today's song is featured on their latest album "Boxer". The song is called "Fake Empire". Check em out and lemme know whatya think! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Band Of The Day: Animal Collective

Im almost positive you have heard of these guys already, but if not, this is one band you dont want to miss out on. Animal Collective is and experimental band from Baltimore. Their are four members: Panda Bear, Avey Tear, Deacon and The Geologist. Are those not the sweetest names ever? The band has been around for awhile and with every cd put out they seem to change their style and get better and better. I have to be honest, if this is your first time hearing about them I urge you to confront this band with patience because they might strike you quite odd at first. But the more you listen and give them a chance I guarantee you will like them. They have about 8 albums out but didnt seem to pick up recognition until their album "Sung Tongs". Their latest cd "Merriweather Post Pavillion"has picked up immense attention and outstanding ratings from Pitchfork. So lets kick this off with a song from their latest called "My Girls". I would highly reccommend checkin out some of their earlier stuff aswell. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Return/Check Outs

Okay so firstly, I want to apologize for fluking on this. I guess I just got lazy and quit posting even though i had PLENTY of opportunities to. SO! Im going to do my best and be more proactive on this because I really do think and hope that you will get something out of this. So well begin (again) with some Check Outs. These are some solo-"ish" artists.
  • Josh Rouse
  • John Vanderslice
  • Billy Bragg and Wilco (Collaboration)
  • Matt Pond PA
  • Matt Costa
Give em a try and hopefully theres a good amount of variety in there so if one of them dont catch you, hopefully another will.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Band Of The Day: Menomena

Before I get to the B.O.T.D, I want to plug in another suggestion. I was at Cd Warehouse today talking with one of the employees about M. Ward. We were talkin about similar stuff and he brought up this dude named Josh Ritter. I had heard of him, but only on a song called "Right Moves". So I snagged his cd "The Historical Conquests Of Josh Ritter" and so far..... I'm lovin it. So check him out.
As for todays B.O.T.D we have a three-piece band from Portland,Oregan. This band is a bit odd but deserve a listen. I guarantee you will not find a band similar to these guys. Dont be mislead, they arent some totally off the wall, undistinguishable sound that you have never heard........Basically what I'm trying to say is....They are unique and definitely original. And very good. We have the song "Twenty Cell Revolt" of their first album "I Am The Fun Blame Monster". Hope the song will make up for the butchered review I just wrote.

......all waving flags.

This song has drove me nuts the last couple of months. I cant stop listening to it. It's "Waving Flags" by British Sea Power. So I thought I would post it for you and let it get stuck in your head. KA-POW!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wavves Meltdown At Primevera Sound Festival

So from what I've heard, Wavves (Nathan Williams backed by drummer Ryan Ulsh) has caused some ruckus in the Primevera Sound Festival in Barcelona. Supposedly during their show, Williams spoke sarcastically and appeared petulant towards the Barcelonian crowd and attempted to play some jumbled songs. With bottles, shoes and drumsticks were thrown, Williams evetually gave up when Ulsh, fed up with Williams' behavior, kicked over some of his drum set and walked of the stage as the stage crew came. Peep the whole story here.

Band Of The Day: M. Ward

Totally watched the crappiest Zombie flick ever made today. Its funny, because on the cover it says "The Best Zombie Movie Ever Made". Oh .....the irony. So for B.O.T.D we have M. Ward. Yes, it eventually had to happen. Possibly creeping in to my personal top 3 bands, M. Ward, or Matthew Steven Ward, is a songwriter.....and singer. With an abnormal but definitely fulfilling style of folk, M. Ward approaches his music in a different course than most other solo artists these days. He has a chilling, deep but "cool" voice that should hook you immediately. He has several albums out, Hold Time (being my favorite) is his most recent one. He collabs with Zooey Deschanel and Lucinda Williams on the album and not to mention has collabed with Connor Oberst (Bright Eyes) and many others in the past. So, check him out and lemme know what ya think. We have his song "Stars Of Leo" which presents a nice cresendo amongst the middle of the song. Peep it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Band Of The Day: Real Estate

Sup yall. So I was workin today, doin some heavy liftin in the Dairy Dept and thinking I might have a hernia.Sucks. But who cares about that? lets get to the B.O.T.D. Today i chose a pretty obscure band definitely under the radar. Real Estate is a mellow, lo-fi surf rocky type band from the good ole Garden State. They dont have any full length cds out but do have a couple of EPs out. Here we have the song "Black Lake". Drop some comments on what you think. Also check out their myspace

Monday, June 8, 2009

Band Of The Day: Camera Obscura

Hello, Hello. Hopefully you readers (the whopping 2 kids reading this) have enjoyed the previous posts. I do hope that you discover some new stuff that you'll be interested in. But enough rambling, lets get to the Band Of The Day(thats what I have decided to call this potentially worthless endeavor). Today's band is an indie-pop band from Scotland. The first thing that i noticed about this band was their unique style. Deep, abysmal sound with chattering far off tambourines and a singer who sounds as if she records in an empty castle hall. They recently came out with a new cd called "My Maudlin Career" and recieved an 8.3 (a very good rating) on Give em a try and try not to melt from the lead singers voice.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

28 Days Later

So I've heard of this movie before, but just recently did I check it out. It was aweosme. Well, anyways i was letting it play through the credits, why?, I dont really know. Anyways, at the very end of the credits this song started playing that totally consumed me. Took me about 20 minutes to find the damn song but I eventually got it. So now i would like to share it. It's an instrumental song but a jammin one. Enjoy!

Here We Go: The AppleSeed Cast

Alright, my first band that I want to share with you happens to be one of the first bands that was shared with me during the beginning of my indie enlightenment. The AppleSeed Cast is a post-rock emo band from Lawrence, KS. Before you discard the band because of their "emo" label. I highly suggest you give them a try. To me, the represent the true emo style that once stood strong until the skinny pale legs of the oddly cut hair and black dressed teens took over. Give em a try gawsh darnet.

The Beginning Of The End

As M. Ward proclaimed in his song "Stars Of Leo", this is the beginning of the end. This is my first blog and my first post. I guess an appropriate "type" to give this blog would lay in the category of music. But of course not just any music. As cliche and overused as this category may be, it could possibly be seen as an "Indie Blog". But allow me to explain further about this blog, yes it may be and "Indie Blog", but the purpose of the blog is to share and exhibit some variety. We have all heard of Deathcab For Cutie, The Strokes, Radiohead etc. And nothing against those bands, I love each one of them. I want to take you to the heart of "Indie". Explore deeper and further into the scene. Maybe even convince some to research some history of some of their favorite bands. Everyday I will try to post a band new or old, that i believe people will enjoy. So.....lets give this a try............