Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Check Out: Leisure "It's Alright (On The Suez Canal)"

Leisure is a pretty obscure band from Cambridge, Mass. However, they will be touring with Girls starting.........well, today!
Check out their incredibly good song "It's Alright (On The Suez Canal)" and snag a download of it aswell as another song of theirs called, "Outside These Walls".
And if your in the area at the time catch one of their shows!

"It's Alright (On The Suez Canal)" Free MP3
"Outside These Walls" Free MP3

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Check Out: Alberta Cross "Low Man"

I know very little about Alberta Cross. In fact, this is the only song I've heard by them. But man! Does it deliver! Its distant folky style is perfect with the wailing vocals layered on top.
Check it out and lemme know what ya think!
I couldn't find an MP3 for the song so I apologize!

Check Out: Fang Island "Daisy"

Fang Island is probably going to be a band you're going to hear about quite often for the rest of this year. They recently released their second Self Titled album and have gained serious hype and acclaim since. Fang Island takes rock and incorporates it into a more heavy but fun way. Take "Daisy" for example. The song is a carefree tune with harmonizing voices and heavy guitar hooks.
It's a super fun tune!
The album art (pictured) for their latest album cracks me up every time I see it!

"Daisy" Free MP3

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Go And Buy Immediately: Gorillaz "Plastic Beach"

I have never really been a huge Gorillaz fan. There were those few songs that I liked and listened to, like "Dirty Harry" and of course "Clint Eastwood". However, their new album Plastic Beach has completely stolen my ears since my first listen.
With the exception of four songs, the rest feature cameo participation from various artists such as Snoop Dog and Mos Def all the way to Lou Reed. And as little interest as I have in Snoop Dog, he delivers an incredibly rewarding introductory song to the album on "Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach".

The albums is like a playground. Once the hip-hop fun of "White Flag" and "Superfast Jellyfish" finish the album throws in the beautifully relaxed and airy atmosphere of "Empire Ants". From then on is where the album transitions into a more experimental stage but retains the lyrical theme of the financial crisis and basically all the problems of the world at the moment. 

I'm going to go out on a limb and proclaim this my favorite album of 2010 so far, right there next to the new Beach House album. This is definitely an album I recommend and URGE you to get ASAP!

"Stylo" Free MP3

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Check Out: Ecstatic Winter Compilation Vol. 2

First and most importantly I would like to sincerely apologize for my lack of posts these past couple of days. Things have been a bit crazy and I've been lazy. I AM VERY VERY VERY SORRY!
Hope you still love me.

Hopefully I can make up for it by sharing with you this sick compilation from Delicious Scopitone.

There are quite a few bands on here I've never heard of as well as some I have (Beach Fossils, Sonny and the Sunsets). The compilation ironically invokes a feeling of summer, despite its wintry album cover. You will see what I mean once the first jam by Hanoi Janes "Across The Sea" blares in. Check it out. Download it for free and snag some other free compilations while your at it!

"Across The Sea" Hanoi Janes - Free MP3

Snag the compilation HERE

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010

MP3 Mash Up!

 Haven't done one of these in awhile!
Hope you enjoy!

"Daisy" - Fang Island
"Breast Stroke" - Mathemagic
"1999" - Shout Out Louds
"Neat Parts" - Fucked Up
"Numbers Don't Lie" - Mynabirds
"Ice Hotels" - Dinosaur Bones
"Nadine" - Fools Gold
"The Old Graveyard" Gigi
"Devils Crayon" Wild Beasts

Or download them all in a zip file >> MP3 Mash Up Zip File

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Check Out: A Radio Station and Local Natives "Airplanes"

My buddy Max  is hosting a radio station out of Columbia, MO tomorrow at 4 pm (central time). Dudes got good taste in music and introduced me to tons of bands (Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, and many others.). Anyways, show him some love and listen for free at!

Also check out Local Natives' song "Airplanes" from their latest album Gorilla Manor released not too long ago!

"Airplanes" Free MP3

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Check Out: Keepaway "Yellow Wings"

Any Animal Collective fans reading this? If so, your in luck! No this isn't a new AC song (which would be pretty cool). This however is a fairly new band by the name of Keepaway from Brooklyn. Keepaway sounds a lot like Animal Collective, not going to lie. They aren't as potently weird as AC, but definitely incorporate "weird" into a more easily accessible style. "Yellow Wings" is incredibly addictive with its kooky intro and anthem-esque drums all the while a guitar hook overlies.
Dude. Okay. We get it.
Check it ooouuuut!

"Yellow Wings" Free MP3

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Check Out: Air France "Collapsing At Your Doorstep"

"Sorta Like A Dream. Nope. Better"
These are the prominent words heard on Sweden duo Air France's song "Collapsing At Your Doorstep". The song loops a short clip of two kids talking, which actually comes from the Beauty and the Beast kids television show. The looped clip is layered perfectly among the dreamy, buoyant sound, enhancing the overall carefree feel. I guarantee that you will, at a point, feel relaxed and become entranced by this song.
Hope you enjoy it!
"Collapsing At Your Doorstep" Free MP3

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Check Out: The Morning Benders "Promises"

The Morning Benders' second full length album "Big Echo" dropped about a week ago (3/9/2010). And with prior listening of the first two tracks "Excuses" (which was featured here on Too Roads not too long ago) and "Promises", I feel this is probably a very good album. Anyways, check out the second song from the album called "Promises" and snag their first one with the link provided above!

"Promises" Free MP3

Monday, March 15, 2010

Check Out: Aesop Rock "None Shall Pass"

I love me some good hip-hop!
No not that silly auto-tune stuff with vapid lyrics about nonsense(lollipops, soulja boys, etc.); but hip-hop with a beat and lyrics that tell a story or have meaning. If you feel the same, then Aesop Rock (Ian Bavitz) is one hip-hop artist that you can rest assured with.

Aesop Rock has been mastering his talents in hip-hop for well over 10 years. From self-released and financed LP/EP's to groundbreaking full length album "Labor Days" released off of Definitive Jux Records, Aesop has covered exceptional ground. 

On "Labor Days" you could literally visualize Aesop delivering his lyrics on grimy streets and back-alleys. However, on None Shall Pass, there is a more versatile and crisp approach. It seems almost like a book of short stories with each song covering a different topic. What really makes None Shall Pass a solid album is the environments and atmospheres created to suit the content of each song. Take "No City" with it's storyteller introduction and the eery melody that sounds like sirens blaring warning while Aesop raps "There is a hole in front of the shovel, Shovel in front of the brawn, Six billion gorillas for whom the graves yawn".

None Shall Pass is the type of album that will have you discovering new things, big or small, upon each re-listen. You will also notice guest rappers/musicians like El-P, Rob Sonic and even John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats (on "Coffee").  From co-dependency to kleptomaniacs to charlie brown and the planet Pluto in the same song ("Bring Back Pluto") Aesop delivers a very intriguing album........Oh, good luck trying to decipher Aes' lyrics!

"None Shall Pass" Free MP3
"Citronella" Free MP3

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Check Out: Drink Up Buttercup

Drink Up Buttercup are four deranged dudes hailing from Philadelphia. On March 23rd they are releasing their awesomely titled debut album, "Born and Thrown On a Hook" through Yep Rock Records. With prior listening of four songs, I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that this album is going to be a hell of an album! They create immensely catchy and accessible psyche-pop/rock songs that take little time to get into.

Check Out and Snag songs from the upcoming album:
"Young Ladies" -- "Gods and Gentlemen" -- "Sosey and Dosey"

Friday, March 12, 2010

Snag: Circle Into Square's "Compilation Vol. 1"

Portland based record label Circle Into Square is offering a compilation of songs from bands based on the record company for FREE! The only band I recognize from the label is Big Spider's Back, Yair Rubinstein's atmospherically brilliant solo project. However, I've yet to hear of any of the other bands/artists on the compilation and am looking forward to indulging in some new stuff!
So snag it and lemme know what ya think!

Circle Into Square: Compilation Vol. 1

 "Perfect Machine" Big Spider's Back, Free MP3

Check Out: George Baker Selection's "Little Green Bag"

I know, I know! I'm breaking the rules......... But hey, good music is good music, right? Anyways, I belatedly watched Reservoir Dogs for the first time a couple days ago and was BLOWN away! That movie was ridiculously good! My favorite part of the movie, however, is the introduction. All the criminals walking out in the daylight with the sickest song playing. The song is "Little Green Bag" by George Baker Selection.....I have been hooked on the song ever since. So I figured I'd share with you guys! Check it out and lemme know what ya think! Also.....what's your favorite movie? Mine's either: No Country for Old Men, or Donnie Darko.

"Little Green Bag" Free MP3

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Check Out: Radiohead's "OK Computer" Cover Album

OH HO HO! Do I have a surprise for you!
Stereogum, in celebration of Radiohead's "OK Computer" 10th anniversary, has compiled a covered version of the album from bands like: John Vanderslice, The Twilight Sad, Cold War Kids and many more! I've yet to listen to it so it will be a new experience for us both.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention.....IT'S FREE TO DOWNLOAD!

Snag it here, brruuuhhh!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Check Out: Annuals

Fun, quirky and poppy.
Check It!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

3 Eps From: Virgin of the Birds!

That's right!
Abandoned Love Records is offering FREE downloads of San Francisco's Virgin of the Birds' three, YES THREE!, EPs!

Snag the first one: Every Rival
Snag the second one: Dear Furies
Snag the third one: Banquet Years

"Let Me Be Your Bride" Free MP3

Good stuff!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Check Out: Generationals "When They Fight, They Fight"

"When They Fight, They Fight" was by far one of my favorite songs of the past year. Generationals are a New Orleans sunny late 60's inspired duo who create poppy, folky, psychadelic music. "Wtf,tf" is a perfect example of what Generationals are all about. The song is actually sung by a women, who I am unable to identify due to lack of information (DOH!) but fits perfectly with the song. CHECK. it. OUT!!

"When They Fight, They Fight" Free MP3!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Check Out: Menomena "Evil Bee"

Menomena sure have a way of growing on you. At least they do on me. Take their song "Evil Bee" for example. It took me about four attempts to like this song. Why? Because I never gave it a chance. I would always give the slow acoustic intro a quick listen and click next. One day I finally gave the whole song a thorough listen and now it has become one of my favorite Menomena songs. I still get chills when I hear the holo "Oh to be a machine, Oh to be wanted....To be useful" with the distant piano in the background. So now I have said all that, I would like to share it with you!
Checkitout Checkitout Checkitout Checkitout Checkitout Checkitout Checkitout Checkitout Checkitout

"Evil Bee" Free MP3

Watch The Trippy Video Fo' It!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Check Out: Dead Mellotron/Cults!

Got two delightful whoppers for ya readers!

--First we have a solo project from Dallas by the name of Dead Mellotron. Manned by Josh Frazier, Dead Mello creates distant, fuzzy rock that certainly accommodates more than one person. Dead Mello recently released a FREE full length album and is working on an upcoming EP.
Snag the album on >>>HERE<<<

"Dead Lover" Free MP3

Here we have another sunny jam to add to that summer mix you've been compiling and waiting oh so patiently to complete, even though the stupid weather persists in remaining cold and throwing in random days of complete sun and exceptional temperatures as if saying "Haha! I control the weather you powerless, incompetent human! You will never have your summer!! MWAHAHAH"....................
ANYWAYS, Cults have released a nice little EP which you can download for...oh yah, you said it... FREE!
Grab it >>>HERE<<<
 "Go Outside" Free MP3

Monday, March 1, 2010

Check Out: Fyfe Dangerfield "When You Walk In The Room"

"What for?"
Fyfe Dangerfield's upcoming album "Fly Yellow Moon".
"Hmm, never heard of him."
Me neither, at least not until this very day. I was exposed to a lovely track by the name of "Faster Than The Setting Sun". I checked out more on him as soon as I could and discovered another equally brilliant song by the name of "When You Walk In The Room". Though I would much have rather put up the first song, due to lack of linkable media(seriously, nothing), I will post this song. The introduction WILL mislead you. Hope you enjoy!!

Oh ya! Question: What was the VERY first album you purchased??? Lemmeknow Lemmeknow!
I actually got two at the same time. The Strokes' "Room On Fire" (what a great album!) and Jimmy Eat World's "Futures" (meh, alright haha).

"When You Walk In The Room" Free MP3