Thursday, April 29, 2010

Guest Review: The Good Wives' "Songs For White Girls With Body Image Issues"

I asked my buddy Firefly over at Indie Arto to do a guest review for Too Roads and he happily agreed to do so. Well, he went above and beyond a wrote a terrific review! Check it out!

The Good Wives are brought to you by singer/songwriter Jacob Bruggman, who hails from the Pacific Northwest and has been creating music since 2005. Bruggman has just released the debut full-length album “Songs for White Girls with Body Image Issues”, for this sense shattering album Bruggman collaborated with Engineer/Producer Matt McMonagle of The Jackson Climb Studios, who not only performed all of his recording duties but also added some bass guitar, electric guitar and keys to the album. Another employee from The Jackson Climb Studio, namely Nicholas Alexander, added some vocal flavor to the track Cheap Wine. Apart from them, Jesse and Luke Williams of the band Youth Rescue Mission also contributed their vocal skills to the track Late Night Taxi Cab Blues. The record was recording in 2008 and 2009, thanks to the capable staff of The Jackson Climb Studios. Now that you have an idea of what and who the Good Wives are, let’s take a look at their latest album “Songs for White Girls with Body Image Issues”.
Ok so here we have a very plain album cover but do not let this deceive you, because what is contained on the album housed by this album cover is pure delight. When I listened to the album I picked up to major elements or rather influences, namely the intense vocals which can be compared to that of Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes and Desaparecidios  (just to name a few) and secondly instrumental vividness of none other than Modest Mouse, especially on their last album “No one’s first and you’re next”. The lyrics prove to be captivating, ranging from narrations to first person accounts. To be honest, I must admit that I was a complete sucker for this album, I could just sort of relate to the songs but like with any album there are a couple of tracks which seem to just jump out of the speakers and grab you by the ears, in this case they are Imperialistic Blues, Wedding Bands and the three consecutive songs Apathy is stronger than Love, Loose Strings and Cheap Wine. I just found that these songs contained a lot of soul and depth which can be appreciated by an indie aficionado or just a regular person who happens to tune into the song while it is playing on the radio. So to sum it all up, I would definitely recommend this album as a must have and at at price of 5$, it is a steal, so please check out the links below, where you can get your hands on the album. I always keep the best for last; The Good Wives have two previous albums “Mamma – Get Your Babies to the Church” and “Same Song, Different Era”, these are available for download at your own specified price (there is no minimum), so it is basically free but if you find that you liked them, pay the man! Enjoy. 


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Check Out: New M.I.A Song

M.I.A has released a new single from her forthcoming album and it is SICK. "Born Free" is a straight up punk-rock, raw, in your face jam. Her vocals echo like she's singing the lyrics at the end of a hallway. Snag the MP3 and let it rock you. And if your daring enough, take a stab at watching her very NSFW, explicit, but nonetheless intriguing video which shows red-headed kids being brutally gathered by a police force.
"Born Free" Free MP3
"Born Free" Video

Also, stay tuned for a guest review of The Good Wives' latest album from  good friend of Too Roads, Firefly of Indie Arto. Check out his great blog!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Check Out: Waaga Compilation

Waaga Records is a rising record label based out of Sacramento, CA. I'm not familiar with any of the bands that are based on the label but thankfully they released the 15-track compilation for free. I've only listened to the first two songs which definitely promises something spectacular. So snag it and lets check out what these guys are all about!

Snag the compilation HERE
Check out their website HERE

Also, feel free to ask me anything, or suggest anything on my Formspring!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Check Out: Sensual Harassment

Sensual Harassment, from Brooklyn, will be a band you are more-than-likely going to hear more about in the future. Why? Well, take their latest single "Fever" for example. The song starts off with bouncing synths and is interrupted by this awesome loose hi-hat/snare drum beat. From there the song only builds and gets better. A guitar melody similar to the synths enters soon and eventually the hollow and echo sounding vocals can be heard. This is one hell of a catchy song that evokes the 80's synth pop style and will surely cause your head to bop along.
Check out their website to here other songs and snag a free download, courtesy of the band, of "Fever" below!

"Fever" Free MP3
Sensual Harassment's: Myspace
Sensual Harassment's: Website

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Happy Record Store Day guys!
Shoot a comment below and tell what you all you did/snagged on this fine day.
I snagged the new Local Natives album (finally), the remastered Galaxie 500 album "On Fire" and was introduced to a project, prior to The Walkmen's creation, called Jonathon Fire*Eater...and it's sick!
Hope you had a good one!

"Airplanes" Free MP3

"When The Curtain Calls For You" Free MP3

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Check Out: MiniBoone Interview and Dirty On Purpose

Remember MiniBoone? Well, my good friend Firefly from Indie Arto has a hilarious interview up with them right now and you need to read it!

Also, check out this song from Dirty On Purpose called "Monument"!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Check Out: Fiveng

 From San Francisco, CA, Fiveng is a one man bedroom project. Of course, like most "bedroom projects" it sounds nothing like a guy tinkering around with some instruments in his room; it sounds like a full band playing.  Fiveng creates incredibly catchy music all the while singing distantly away. Snag a download of his songs "Jonah" and "Skin" and check out his Myspace.
Hope you enjoy!

"Jonah" Free MP3, "Skin" Free MP3

Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Participants!

Thanks to those who have participated! This will continue for some time so tell your friends! If I get enough I'll try and make a little slide show of everyone. Just take a pic of yourself with your favorite album or any album you like and it to....

Bobby Jones of Indie.Pleasures, "Another City, Another Sorry" by The Answering Machine

Florence with Bombay Bicycle Club's "I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose"

Stuart (lead singer from the Oxygen Index*good stuff!*) with Maccabees’ ‘Wall of Arms’

Tabetha with The XX's excellent self-titled debut album 

Conor, from Broken Lighting with Courteeners "Falcon"

Jeremy, author of the awesome music blog On The Tune, with Los Campesinos!' "Romance is Boring"

Thank You SO Much For Your Participation!
With that I will leave you with this amazing track from Colorado duo Gauntlet Hair!!
"I Was Thinking..." - Gauntlet Hair (Free MP3)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let's Have Some Fun: Results/ New Menomena Song!

On an earlier post I displayed a picture of me holding the new Fang Island album (which I have been playing non-stop every since) and gave the opportunity for others to do the same, only with albums that they liked. Wwweeelllll luckily it wasn't a total blow out! Bobby Jones of Indie.Pleasures, participated and chose the debut album "Another City, Another Sorry" by The Answering Machine, whom I am unaware of but will definitely check out. Big big big big big thanks to Mr. Jones for the participation. I will continue to run this little schindig for awhile so if you still want to participate just send me a picture of you holding your favorite album/album of choice at!

Also, indie rockers, Menomena, will be releasing their new album on July 27th!!! Check out their new song "Pilgrim's Progress".

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Check Out: New Band Of Horses Song!!

Band of Horses has released a new teaser single for their upcoming album Infinite Arms called "Compliments". The song sticks to what BoH does best. The recording and production is a bit crummy but hey? free new Band Of Horses song. I'm down!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Let's Have Some Fun

Who's that goofy dude holding the new Fang Island album? Yah, that's me.I haven't listened to it yet but I'm super stoked to.
Anyways, the reason I uploaded this picture was because of this idea I have. Just for fun, upload and send a picture of you holding your favorite album, your favorite album of 2010.....whatever you want to show. Send it in and regardless, I'll post it!If you are uncomfortable with showing your face, that's totally fine, maybe cover your face with the album.
Have fun! Send pics to
Oh and.....please. No nudity. thank ya!

Check out The Lighthouse and The Whaler's "White Days"