Saturday, June 13, 2009

Band Of The Day: Menomena

Before I get to the B.O.T.D, I want to plug in another suggestion. I was at Cd Warehouse today talking with one of the employees about M. Ward. We were talkin about similar stuff and he brought up this dude named Josh Ritter. I had heard of him, but only on a song called "Right Moves". So I snagged his cd "The Historical Conquests Of Josh Ritter" and so far..... I'm lovin it. So check him out.
As for todays B.O.T.D we have a three-piece band from Portland,Oregan. This band is a bit odd but deserve a listen. I guarantee you will not find a band similar to these guys. Dont be mislead, they arent some totally off the wall, undistinguishable sound that you have never heard........Basically what I'm trying to say is....They are unique and definitely original. And very good. We have the song "Twenty Cell Revolt" of their first album "I Am The Fun Blame Monster". Hope the song will make up for the butchered review I just wrote.

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Menomenation said...

Menomena's Brent Knopf has a side project called Ramona Falls out on Barsuk in August. Two tracks are on his myspace page and their killer! I'm completely obsessed with these guys.