Tuesday, December 15, 2009

#8 Fruit Bats "Ruminant Band"

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 Moving right along to my 8th favorite cd of 2009, we have Fruit Bats with their hilariously titled cd, "Ruminant Band". My friend Max had mentioned this band a couple of times but for some reason I never paid them much attention. I was missing out, thats for sure. Oddly enough, over Thanksgiving week my family went to Tulsa,Ok for some family get together...ing? Anyways, while I was there I snagged my parents' car for a night and drove to a nearby skatepark. While I was driving, due to the lack of cd's in my parents' car, I started flipping through channels with little of hope anything worth listening to......country......rap.....metallica....oh, wait...whats this?? sounds pretty cool, chill, catchy.. So I pulled my iPhone out and used what is possibly the BEST app ever, Shazam, to find out who it was. As you probably have already guessed it was indeed Fruit Bats with their song "Being On Your Own", a catchy, up-beat and warming song. Once I got home I immediately downloaded the song and repeatedly played the hell out of it. So eventually I just got the cd......and it delivered. Eric Johnson (who is also a part of the Shins, I might add) has a gift for capturing the listener with his melodies and slightly-falsetto voice. What I enjoy most about this cd is its ability to deliver in just about any possible scenario: late at night, early in the morning, mid summer day, hell, even on gloomy days. Very good cd...

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