Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Too Roads End Of 2009 Contest Winner(s)

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     That's right! 2 contest winners instead of just one. Why? Well, simply because they were the only 2 who participated. They both will receive a $10 iTunes giftcard courtesy of Too Roads and will be featured with their responses. So, Too Roads would like to thank the two who participated and congratulate you on your win! Keep your eyes open, readers, because there will be many more of these contests and opportunities to win iTunes cards.

The first to respond is Jesse, who has respectfully asked not to display his full name or e-mail, and here is his entry:

Stumbled on your blog via Last.FM and figured I should try for the gift card, and if nothing else, share some good music.

Like you, "Hold Time" by M. Ward is my favorite from 2009. At it's heart, "Hold Time" is still just a singer-songwriter album, but the thing that puts it over the top for me is the way its produced. I love the lead acoustic guitar played over the top and that big drum sound really adds a lot to the otherwise mellow songs. And M. Ward has the way of sounding like his softly screaming. It's hard to explain it. He puts lots of emotion in his voice but it seems as if it rarely goes above a whisper.

Top 5 songs of 09 (I'm limiting this to one per artist):

1) "The Ills" by Mayer Hawthorne
2) "Bricks" by American War
3) "For Beginners" by M. Ward
4) "Nightowl" by Communication Redlight
5) "Two Weeks" by Grizzly Bear (although I really couldn't get into this album but love this song)

I couldn't have agreed with him more. A big thanks to you Jesse and an ever BIGGER thanks for suggesting the incredibly uplifting and catchy song by Mayer Hawthorne, "The Ills".

The second entry comes from Jeremy Stevens, who put in his entry right at the last moment:

Hey, first off - nice blog! It's refreshing to see an Albums Of The Year list without Animal Collective at number 1. I liked your Hospice review too, that's how I found your blog. But anyway:

My favorite album of 2009 is Sound Awake by Karnivool. It's an experimental step forward for them from their debut, and even though it took a while to get used to their new style, it was just amazing once it began to grow on me. It's one of those growing albums that somehow sounds better with each listen.

My top 5 songs of 2009 were (geez this is tough):
Hilltop Hoods - Chase That Feeling
Karnivool - Set Fire To The Hive
Manchester Orchestra - I've Got Friends
Middle East, The - Blood
Phoenix - 1901

And a big thanks to you Jeremy! Really enjoyed the song "Blood" by The Middle East!


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Cocodrilísimo said...

Waaaaaaaaaa! I loved the your top 5! Blood its.. just too good to be true.