Monday, December 14, 2009

Top 10 Albums Of 2009: #10 Cymbals Eat Guitars "Why There Are Mountatins"

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Has there ever been something that you WANTED to like? Either you wind up not liking it or you warm up to it and it eventually grants itself a spot in your cd player multiple times. For some reason, maybe their appearance, I've always wanted to like Deviled Eggs, but everytime I try one it grosses me out.....hmm. I digress. There have been a slew of cd's that I've felt this very way about that just never caught my attention (Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix). But Cymbals Eat Guitars must of had some serious positive reinforcement or somekind of subliminal message in their music because this cd took me 3-4 listens to get interested in. To be honest the first time I listened I guess I was a bit disoriented or had something else on my mind because I just could not connect or "get" it at all. In fact I was a bit confused. But I kept seeing that big brown face on the cd cover and all the people ranting about them. I finally put the cd in and focused on it and became very intruiged. From the first and one of my favorite songs on the cd "And The Hazy Sea" to "Like Blood Does", this cd runs in and out of conscious awareness. The songs are sloppy yet structured abnormally. I am very glad that I gave this cd multiple listens and persisted in liking it.......because unlike deviled eggs, this one grew on me.

This has been quite the year in music and probably one of my favorites. There have been expected excellence, surprises and dissapointments. I think this year has expanded my taste and interest in music immenseley. From bands that I didn't want to like but eventually did for whatever reason (No Age) to bands that I've loved for so long that I've grown out of (Cursive), this year has reformed music in its entirity. So with that said I will start my Top 10 list of my favorite albums of the year...

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Thomas said...

yes, great music,
Thomas from Leipzig, Germany