Sunday, December 27, 2009

Too Roads End Of 2009 Contest.

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 Want a $10 iTunes gift card?? huh? HUH? Heres what you gotta do to win it!

        As a comment or direct email to me...

-State your favorite album of 2009 and tell WHY it was your favorite.
-State your top 5 favorite songs of 2009
-State your email address (this is not to barrage you with emails all of the time, just to send you the iTunes card code if you win)

Just comment on this post and input all of your information OR send me an email with it all at 

The music does not have to be of any genre just of your taste or interest. So ANY ALBUMS will work, and ANY SONGS will work. Whoever gives the best and most heartfelt reasons why, will win and be featured on TooRoads.

I'm only giving one away.
And its only going for 3 days.
So get ready.....get set..................GO!

In celebration for their upcoming 2nd LP, we have the single "Ambling Alp" from Brooklyn band Yeasayer.

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