Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Check Out: Big Spider's Back

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     Seattle's Yair Rubinstein is the mastermind behind the solo project of Big Spider's Back. Listening might recall bands such as Animal Collective and Neon Indian considering his lo-fi, electronica, loop-based style of music. Within the atmosphere created by BSB are layers of different sounds and snythy melodies. For example, on the first track I ever heard by this dude, "Perfect Machine", he begins the song with a vibrating straightforward tune and adds more and more different sounds that produces this waterfall-like feel until a jittery synth bounces in to begin the song's melody. All of these sounds play throughout the song in an underlying manner while Rubinstein blares "I gotta perfect machine, I gotta perfect machine"..........its pretty gnarly. Other songs such as "Again, Agent"(apt tile) and "Warped" all focus around the same collage style and repetition.
    He currently has one EP out called Warped, which features all these songs, out on Circle Into Square for quite a hefty price of 3 dollars. But thats just the kind of money your going to have to pay for some good ole' music. Enjoy! oh ya...lemme know what ya think!

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