Sunday, January 3, 2010

Check Out: The Thermals

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    The first thing that crossed my mind when I started listening to The Thermals' "Now We Can See" was, "Man, these guys remind me of old Green Day". Of course, as I continued to listen to the album that idea faded. However, it still in some places, does sound like the old 90's Green Day. You remember don't ya, "Welcome To Paradise", "Basket Case", and the punkish, repetitive guitar melodies. There's not much similarity between the two bands, just the sound...maybe? Ok, forget about the whole "Green Day" thing. Anyways, let me begin (again) by saying there isn't much diversity on this album, it's pretty straightforward. This is a good though, basically because The Thermals stick to their roots and continue to do what they do best: make simple punk-rock music.
   Of course you still receive the notorious and unique vocal style of Hutch Harris, which is one of my favorite things about this band. But all your really going to hear on this album is Harris' fuzzy guitar, Kathy Foster's thumpin' bass and percussion of Kathy Foster (wait...what? you just said she played bass?). That's right, during the recording of this album Foster played bass and due to the lack of a drummer, recorded the albums' percussion. Pretty sick huh? Westin Glass, the bands' current drummer, joined after recording for the album was finished. The only other instrumental addition you will hear on this album is on the very last track, "You Dissolve", which holds mildly, some piano.
    Lyrically, the album takes on broad topics but remains somewhat ambiguous as to what exactly they are. They are interesting and witty nonetheless but, in my opinion, less potent and harsh as some of their earlier work. This may be a beef with some fans considering their earlier songs were somewhat more crude and controversial, but for most listeners, shouldn't.
    Do not be misled by their simpleness, this is a very good album. CHECK IT OUT!


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