Thursday, January 28, 2010

Josiah Wolf Interview

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    Josiah Wolf (Why?, cLOUDDEAD) was kind enough to answer a couple questions regarding his forthcoming solo album "Jet Lag" aswell as some personal questions! A big thanks to Josiah for his time!


1. Where did the name for the album derive from
    It comes up in one of the songs on the record (the first of these songs that was written in full) and it seems like a key moment and a key phrase that describes this time in my life. 

2. Do you plan on continuing your solo project after Jet Lag?
    I'm sure that I will be doing other solo recordings in the years to come. I have many tapes of ideas and riffs and whatnot. i just have to sit down and put something together. Easier said then done of course.

3. I read that you isolated yourself in a cottage during the creation of this album, what was the motive for this?
    It is difficult for me to focus around other people, even if I have lots of time to myself I am easily distracted and once thrown off coarse it can take a while to get rolling again. It is something that I like to do now and then. It is not the first time I have done this but it is the longest. I can get a lot more done this way and the quality of the work tends to be more focused. 

4. Are you still associated with Why? and if so are there plans of a new album?      
     Yes, we will be touring in Europe in March. I will be doing a solo set to open the evening. As far as a new album there are things in the work. There is no time frame yet, though.

5. What music are you currently listening to these days. 
    Well right now Glen Gould's performance of the Goldberg variations is on the stereo. My girlfriend and I just went to the library and got a bunch of music from other countries and some classical stuff. I am constantly playing Steve Riech's music for 18 musicians and some of his other stuff. Some African band called Marar Kassey and some others I can't think of the name of.

Check Out/Download the first track from his upcoming album "Jet Lag" HERE!


FireFly said...

I noticed a trend among musicians, they tend to isolate themselves when writing their albums! Great interview!

Calvin Ramsey (TooRoads) said...

Bro, the EXACT same thing came to mind when I read his answer haha: The Antlers!

FireFly said...

Yo said it mate! Even Justin from Bon Iver also isolated himself in a cabin somewhere whilst in his creative process!!!