Thursday, January 21, 2010

MP3 Mash Up!

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 Here are a couple of songs that I've been diggin lately. Snag em for yourselves and lemme know what ya think!
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The Veils - "The Letter"


FireFly said...

Nice pick Calvin, as always, good taste in music! I checked that you were blogging avidly last year and then just stopped for a couple of months and now you have started again and your ripping it up? Check this quote from Brett Easton Ellis's book Less than Zero, fucking awesome:

"The psychiatrist I see during the four weeks I'm back is young and has a beard and drives a 450 SL and has a house in Malibu. I'll sit in his office in Westwood with the shades drawn and my sunglasses on, smoking a cigarette, sometimes cloves, just to irritate him, sometimes crying. Sometimes I'll yell at him and he'll yell back. I tell him that I have these bizarre sexual fantasies and his interest will increase noticeably. I'll start to laugh for no reason and then feel sick. I lie to him sometimes. He'll tell me about his mistress and the repairs being done on the house in Tahoe and I'll shut my eyes and light another cigarette, gritting my teeth. Sometimes I just get up and leave."

milli said...