Sunday, February 7, 2010

2010 Albums to Snag (So Far)

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1. Beach House - "Teen Dream" 
    - A beautiful album compiled of tear-jerking but shameless enjoyment. Each song is poignant, chilly, and compelling. So far my favorite album of 2010. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 
"Norway" - Free MP3

2. Surfer Blood - "Astro Coast"
   - Do you enjoy Real Estate but find yourself craving something similar but with a little more...."rock"? Surfer Blood is more the competent.Astro Coast is a straight-up, loose, beach rock album.
"Swim (To Reach The End)" - Free MP3
 3. Larrks - "An Exaltation of Laarks"
   - This is a more than exceptional debut album from Laarks. Its lit with energy and sentiment but capable of avoiding sappiness. Very fun and easily accessible album.

 4. Vampire Weekend - "Contra"
    - Vampire Weekends' follow up to their self-titled breakthrough album. Contra sticks to the bands' roots but throws some interesting new things to the mix.


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking I'll have to check out the Beach House album, it doesn't look half bad.

millicent said...

love this album! ;)*

Calvin Ramsey (TooRoads) said...

Dude....get it.
Really really really good album.