Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Check Out: The Zookeepers

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    "You'd like this more if it were Lady Gaga", proclaims the...uh....lead on the song "Lady Gaga", the intro song to their latest album "Good Looking Out". Unlike Gaga, this band reeks "whit", "humor" and "fun". But don't be misled, these guys dish out solid enjoyable songs while incorporating all of these things into their music. 
    I can't honestly reveal why these guys kept me listening, because I still dont know why. Maybe its the various moments where I literally laughed out loud (lykeomglol!) while simultaneously bumping my head to the their sloppy yet crisp music. Or maybe it's because I never knew what was coming. For example on "Spooky Treat", they begin with an scratchy distant sounding guitar while the.....lead........singer..... hilariously sings, "I'm gonna kill myself for Halloween, won't that be a spooky treat, I don't know if I want to go alone, or in front of children in the street" and just when you think WTF? thats twisted... they blare into this skippy chorus of "HE'S GONNA DO IT, HE'S GONNA DO IT ON HALL-O-WEEEEEN". They are seriously all over the place. One minute they're rapping on "Custardy Battle" then the next they're jammin on "Radioactive", which sounds relatively like Cake/Pavement. However, my favorite moment is "RPG Theme" which starts off with a little tune that sounds, well, like one of those old SNES RPG games, then introduces this sick drum beat until they whole band wails "But I Don't Know, So I Won't Go!!!". Pretty sick.
    I guarantee you will have a smile and/or "wtf face" on the whole time you listen to these guys.  Dont take them seriously and don't expect anything, because if you do you'll probably miss out.
Definitely check these guys ouuuut.

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Anonymous said...

I got an e-mail about these guys a couple of days ago, dunno what mailing list I was signed up to, it was a bandcamp one I think. Haven't got the album yet but they're pretty interesting, they held my attention which I didn't expect for some reason.

Calvin Ramsey (TooRoads) said...

Haha, ya man they're definitely odd, but unique. I catch myself everyday replaying songs from their new album ahah.