Monday, March 15, 2010

Check Out: Aesop Rock "None Shall Pass"

I love me some good hip-hop!
No not that silly auto-tune stuff with vapid lyrics about nonsense(lollipops, soulja boys, etc.); but hip-hop with a beat and lyrics that tell a story or have meaning. If you feel the same, then Aesop Rock (Ian Bavitz) is one hip-hop artist that you can rest assured with.

Aesop Rock has been mastering his talents in hip-hop for well over 10 years. From self-released and financed LP/EP's to groundbreaking full length album "Labor Days" released off of Definitive Jux Records, Aesop has covered exceptional ground. 

On "Labor Days" you could literally visualize Aesop delivering his lyrics on grimy streets and back-alleys. However, on None Shall Pass, there is a more versatile and crisp approach. It seems almost like a book of short stories with each song covering a different topic. What really makes None Shall Pass a solid album is the environments and atmospheres created to suit the content of each song. Take "No City" with it's storyteller introduction and the eery melody that sounds like sirens blaring warning while Aesop raps "There is a hole in front of the shovel, Shovel in front of the brawn, Six billion gorillas for whom the graves yawn".

None Shall Pass is the type of album that will have you discovering new things, big or small, upon each re-listen. You will also notice guest rappers/musicians like El-P, Rob Sonic and even John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats (on "Coffee").  From co-dependency to kleptomaniacs to charlie brown and the planet Pluto in the same song ("Bring Back Pluto") Aesop delivers a very intriguing album........Oh, good luck trying to decipher Aes' lyrics!

"None Shall Pass" Free MP3
"Citronella" Free MP3

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