Thursday, April 29, 2010

Guest Review: The Good Wives' "Songs For White Girls With Body Image Issues"

I asked my buddy Firefly over at Indie Arto to do a guest review for Too Roads and he happily agreed to do so. Well, he went above and beyond a wrote a terrific review! Check it out!

The Good Wives are brought to you by singer/songwriter Jacob Bruggman, who hails from the Pacific Northwest and has been creating music since 2005. Bruggman has just released the debut full-length album “Songs for White Girls with Body Image Issues”, for this sense shattering album Bruggman collaborated with Engineer/Producer Matt McMonagle of The Jackson Climb Studios, who not only performed all of his recording duties but also added some bass guitar, electric guitar and keys to the album. Another employee from The Jackson Climb Studio, namely Nicholas Alexander, added some vocal flavor to the track Cheap Wine. Apart from them, Jesse and Luke Williams of the band Youth Rescue Mission also contributed their vocal skills to the track Late Night Taxi Cab Blues. The record was recording in 2008 and 2009, thanks to the capable staff of The Jackson Climb Studios. Now that you have an idea of what and who the Good Wives are, let’s take a look at their latest album “Songs for White Girls with Body Image Issues”.
Ok so here we have a very plain album cover but do not let this deceive you, because what is contained on the album housed by this album cover is pure delight. When I listened to the album I picked up to major elements or rather influences, namely the intense vocals which can be compared to that of Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes and Desaparecidios  (just to name a few) and secondly instrumental vividness of none other than Modest Mouse, especially on their last album “No one’s first and you’re next”. The lyrics prove to be captivating, ranging from narrations to first person accounts. To be honest, I must admit that I was a complete sucker for this album, I could just sort of relate to the songs but like with any album there are a couple of tracks which seem to just jump out of the speakers and grab you by the ears, in this case they are Imperialistic Blues, Wedding Bands and the three consecutive songs Apathy is stronger than Love, Loose Strings and Cheap Wine. I just found that these songs contained a lot of soul and depth which can be appreciated by an indie aficionado or just a regular person who happens to tune into the song while it is playing on the radio. So to sum it all up, I would definitely recommend this album as a must have and at at price of 5$, it is a steal, so please check out the links below, where you can get your hands on the album. I always keep the best for last; The Good Wives have two previous albums “Mamma – Get Your Babies to the Church” and “Same Song, Different Era”, these are available for download at your own specified price (there is no minimum), so it is basically free but if you find that you liked them, pay the man! Enjoy. 



fireFly said...

Yo Buddy!
Thanks for the opportunity to be involved with Too Roads!!!

Alli said...

Right on man, thanks I'll definitely check them out!