Thursday, May 6, 2010

Check Out: Our Orthodox

Our Orthodox is the moniker of Los Angeles resident Neal Harris who recently released his first self-titled album. Does the album artwork style look familiar? Yes? No? Well, keen eyes might notice a similarity in record artwork of Okkervil River. Why? Because they both were created by the hands of William Schaff. However, the similarities between Our Orthodox and Okkervil River reach much deeper than just the artwork; the lay in the sound as well.

Our Orthodox brings music back to its sincerity and authenticity. Like Bob Dylan and Neil Young, the most you will hear on the album, with exception of the first song, is pure acoustic guitar, vocals that sound as if they are sung directly to you through your speakers, and occasional percussion. Just some good ole' country jams. However, the album follows a story of, according to his synopsis, a young man whose own distaste for religion conflicts with his love for a genuinely spiritual girl.

So, what we got here is a return to music in its purest and most basic form. No pretentious vocals and no excessive sounds or instruments. Just a boy and his guitar. Harris manages to avoid the common mistakes of beginning one-man projects by simply recording what’s in his heart and not what he feels others want to hear. So let him tell his story, let him explain how he can't listen to songs from his golden age on "My Records". His blood is thin and his heart is too small he proclaims, but by the end of this album you'll notice that his heart is quite big.

<a href="">Our Orthodox by Our Orthodox</a>

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FireFly said...

Wow dude, awesome review! Powerful Stuff!
Really leaves me feeling that I need to hear this guy! Great stuff!