Thursday, November 21, 2013

Check Out: Fire! Orchestra "Exit"

This is probably my favorite discovery of 2013. I remember scanning through RateYourMusic, and seeing this album pretty high up on the list for 2013. I had no idea what to expect upon my first listen to the orchestra. What I was met with was an overwhelming, exciting, and somewhat unsettling album of experimental, loose...jazz music?

That's right. Jazz music.

"Exit!" is a two song album stretching to roughly 45 minutes. The first song is nearly 20 minutes long and second is nearly 25. However, to get the absolute full feel of this album I recommend listening to it straight through without interruption. The dynamics in this release are to die for. Spastic brass, drums, and guitar create a world of madness that can last from two minutes to five. And just when you think you can't take it anymore, they completely shift things. "Part One", the first track on the album, highlights this feature very well. Half-way through the song the saxaphone, drums, and piano all come to a halt allowing one of the female vocalists to croon "Fire stay with me" atop one of the sickest bass lines I've ever heard.

Give it a try. I beg you. And let us know how you feel about it!

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