Monday, November 11, 2013

Check Out: Fuzz

Ty Segall is the man. With at-least four or more bands/sideprojects and his solo efforts, Ty is keeping rock alive. Ever since I first heard "Caesar", an uncanny, fuzzy, and just plain weird song, I've loved Ty Segall and just about anything he is in since.

This album, "Fuzz" has all the attributes you would expect from a Ty Segall album: rock riffs that sound straight out of the 70's, fuzzy (no pun intended) and prevalent guitar distortion, and Segall's patented vocals. However, Segall is drumming on this thing. That's right! The majority of his endeavors feature him playing lead guitar. But on this thing he gets to show-off just how good of a musician he is by drumming and doing vocals.

You can't leave out Charlie Moothart, though. Moothart is the riff-man. You might have heard some of his influence on The Segall Band's "Slaughterhouse". The riffs are slower than most Segall projects, but this what they want with "Fuzz". Moothart provides face-melting riffs and has some solid fuzzy leads over Roland Casio's exceptional bass playing.

Check this thing out if your a fan of: Rock, Ty Segall, Black Sabbath, Face-melting riffs that keep you humming for days.

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