Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Band Of The Day: Animal Collective

Im almost positive you have heard of these guys already, but if not, this is one band you dont want to miss out on. Animal Collective is and experimental band from Baltimore. Their are four members: Panda Bear, Avey Tear, Deacon and The Geologist. Are those not the sweetest names ever? The band has been around for awhile and with every cd put out they seem to change their style and get better and better. I have to be honest, if this is your first time hearing about them I urge you to confront this band with patience because they might strike you quite odd at first. But the more you listen and give them a chance I guarantee you will like them. They have about 8 albums out but didnt seem to pick up recognition until their album "Sung Tongs". Their latest cd "Merriweather Post Pavillion"has picked up immense attention and outstanding ratings from Pitchfork. So lets kick this off with a song from their latest called "My Girls". I would highly reccommend checkin out some of their earlier stuff aswell. Enjoy!

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