Saturday, June 27, 2009

Band Of The Day: The National

Do you have any of those bands or specific Cd's that you only listen to on special occasions? Like, perhaps, music you can only play when its raining, or on sunny days? Or possibly when your driving home at 12 at night with a clear star-filled sky faintly falling on your car? I don't know why, but for some reason when its raining, I can only listen to Hip Hop. I know its weird huh? Well I said all this to bring you a band that falls into that 12 at night drive home category. The National, from Cincinnati, will more than likely ensure that feeling of pleasant, lonely melancholy in you as you drive through the moon-cast shadows. Matt Berninger, the lead singer of The National, is the prominent aspect of the band due to his baritome style vocals. They have four cds out currently, and today's song is featured on their latest album "Boxer". The song is called "Fake Empire". Check em out and lemme know whatya think! Enjoy!

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