Thursday, December 24, 2009

#1 M. Ward - "Hold Time

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   I can already imagine some of you shaking your heads or giving the WTF? look. There are a slew of other choices that could have granted themselves this spot, but this album made an impression on me much more than any other album this year. I will never forget that summer night driving home listening to this for the first time. With "Rave On" and "Never Had Nobody Like You" being the only songs I had heard prior, each song instantly hooked me and drove an overwhelming urge to start bobbing my head to the up-beat music. Try it out, seriously, and if the first song "For Beginners" doesn't hook you, then maybe this album isnt for you. BUT, if it does, then you pretty much have a good idea of how the rest of the album plays out.
     Do you have that one song, or any songs for the matter, that just give you the chills? You can't really explain why, but it just does. Well, for me, songs like this are rare and I rather enjoy them for this reason. There are SEVERAL songs on this album that deliver those skin-crawling, chilling moments. For example, at the very end of "Rave On", the Buddy Holly cover, when the band just plays out for about a minute to this immense, arena-sized sounding jam. Or take the song "Stars Of Leo", possibly one of the most solid songs on this album, that starts off with a chill, lazy intro that eventually transitions to one of the most gnarly crescendos I've ever heard.
    I can't tell you the number of times I've listened to this album, from start to finish. Hell, Mr. Ward himself even collabs with Zooey Deschanel and Jason Lytle on a couple of songs. I highly recommend this album and ask, nay, beg you to give this cd a listen. And so there we have it, my #1 album of 2009.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy from "On the Tune" just sent me the link to your blog.It's really good.

I found this album by accident. I was doing work experience at a community radio station and they give you CDs as payment at the end. I told them I liked Okkervil River and they gave me this album. It's one of my favourites but I often forget about it because it is consistantly good rather than a bit patchy and exciting.

Calvin Ramsey said...

I appreciate that man! And I couldnt agree with you more on its "consistency". I think thats the specialty of this album. You find yourself staying on each song to hear it fade into the next rather than knitpicking single songs.