Thursday, December 17, 2009

#5 Foreign Born "Person To Person"

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 I am rather excited about this one.... I discovered this San Francisco band through Pitchfork (like many of the bands I've heard of this year) and am very glad I stumbled upon them. I still don't really know what drove me to obtaining this cd....Maybe it was the simple yet kick-ass album-art or the pingy guitar intro of opening song "Blood Oranges". Whatever the stimulus may be, I'm glad it intrigued me enough to snag this album. This is the ultimate summer cd of 2009 and quite possibly of all-time. Each and every song advocate and metaphorically instill a sense of a perfect summer day: driving at 5pm on a long highway with no obligations, while the sun, engulfed in nothing but blue sky, shines directly down on you as you approach you destination. Or even those vacationing nights in some tropical area at night, with all those lights and parties going on at the beach as people relax and laugh with each other..... WHEW! Gives me the chills and makes me super excited for summer haha! But that's just me.....give this cd a listen and see how it appeals to YOU!

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