Sunday, January 24, 2010

Check Out: Chad VanGaalen

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     Not until recently have I have I ever heard of Chad VanGaalen, a singer/songwriter off of SubPop from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This dude is notorious for creating his own album artwork aswell as animations for music videos of his songs. The first song I heard by VanGaalen was "Molten Light", a chilling song about a murdered women seeking deathly revenge on the two brothers that killed her. VanGaalen's voice is haunting and adds to the eeriness of the song as he croons "I'll find you and I'll kill you!". The video to the song is.....unsettling but intriguing and also animated by VanGaalen. As I set out to obtain more of his music I anticipated more of the same feel as "Molten Light", but surprisingly he is quite versatile in his music. In songs such as "City Of Electric Light" where he strays from his falsetto-voice or "Bones Of Man" which sounds relatively like a Spoon jam. I would definitely check this dude out and snag some songs by him below, if I were you. And then lemme know what ya think!

"Molten Light" Free MP3
"Willow Tree" Free MP3

Chad VanGaalen - Molten Light - Funny video clips are a click away

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FireFly said...

Another Great Post Dude! I recently did two things, the first was to go and check out the YouTube link for that song by Le Tigre, I loved the skating, it immediately to me back to my skating days, when I was still able to stick a board slide and the 360 flip, nice one, do you skate? Secondly I checked out the Remix of the Antlers - Two, which I did not really like, I can see how some people like it, but no not for me. I think I like the Antlers too much too accept any substitutes, at least for now. I think it is a great thing that you are blogging again! Keep it up! Later