Saturday, January 23, 2010

Check Out: His Clancyness

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     His Clancyness is a man of few words. Atleast when it comes to digging up information on him or asking him a couple of questions he is. Jonathan Clancy or "His Clancyness" as his moniker pleads, is a one man band from Ottawa, Canada backed by some simple drum machine beats and synths. Mr. Clancy creates laid-back lackadaisical music. See what I mean on his song about (according to his myspace) "the heat and this weird end of July 2009". Or perhaps his lazy lo-fi cover of Wavves' "I'm So Bored". Or this.....Or that... Ill let you guys decide for yourself. 
Lemme know whatcha think!

"I'm So Bored" (Wavves Cover) Free MP3


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