Friday, January 15, 2010

Check Out: Kites And Crows

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 "...under the the city of kites and crows..."

    The Decemberists minus the whiny vocals of Colin Meloy is what I think of when I listen to this crew from Ashland, Oregon. No disrespect to Meloy, I quite enjoy his vocals....Kites And Crows is a simple yet sincere indie-folk band comprised of much talent. From the gentle vocals of lead singer Mysha Caruso (awesome name huh?)  to the sounds of multi-instrumentalist Jesse Baldwin and other band members such as Nancy Martin on the cello, this band delivers legit mellow folk. They are a young band but have already managed to create some beautiful songs. One of my favorites, "My Sea Change", features a lovely acoustic melody from Caruso while an underlying and soothing accordion hums along. Other songs such as "She Hangs The Moon" and "Out of Range" seem to revolve around their mellow sound but manage to provide variety without straying too far.
    They currently have a couple songs out on their myspace and a two song EP which is available for a free download. I know I will be keeping my eye on them for anything new and hopefully once you guys have a listen you will too. Definitely recommend you guys give em a listen and show em some love and tell all your friends while you at it!

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