Sunday, January 17, 2010

Check Out: Laarks - "An Exaltation of Laarks"

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     Laarks is what it would sound like if The Postal Service and Say Hi To Your Mom had a baby. Actually, there are an array of proverbial bands that you can knit-pick out of the songs that make-up "An Exaltation of Laarks". From Eau Claire,Wisconsin off of Absolutely Kosher records, Laarks is an indie-pop/rock with a lot of energy.
    The album begins with the catchy synth and sleighbell filled intro of song, "What God Hath Wrought" until the crisp drums of very talented Brian Moen lead into the rest of the song, which ends with one of those jams I talk about too much (heehee, Im a sucker). Throughout the album there are obvious periods of more sincere and sad moments, but the band has the ability of keeping things happy. It's hard to explain. As a listener, I couldn't help but feel optimistic and in good spirit the whole time I indulged in the album. Maybe it's the soothing but slightly disheveled voice of lead singer Ian Jacoby or the glazy synthesizers and keyboards backing him.
    Laarks has created a beautiful and very impressive debut album. Many others have given them similar feedback. I highly recommend you check these guys out and recommend furthermore that you snag this cd (got mine for **$5** from 5 DOLLARS).
Lemme know what ya think!

Download the Absolutely Kosher Sampler featuring song "What God Hath Wrought" from Laarks for free >>>HERE<<<


FireFly said...

Nice post, 5$ is mighty cheap, I love the Postal Service Part! FireFly

Calvin Ramsey (TooRoads) said...

Ill tell you what man. Buy it, and if you dont like it I'll give you $5. Paypal or whatever. I'll pay it back. Very good album

FireFly said...

HAHAHA, thats funny dude, the problem is that I live in a country where I will pay shipping of at least $30, hehehe, but lemme see what I can do, great gesture though!!! You rock man!