Friday, January 8, 2010

Check Out: The Meeting Places

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    Shoegaze. Yes, shoegaze. What comes to mind when you hear that word? Well, in a linear sense, probably one staring down at one's shoes. Or in a musical sense, that lethargic, relaxing music that makes you feel like swaying your head back and forth while looking at your shoes.....right? Maybe? I don't know. But what I do know is that The Meeting Places, from Los Angeles, are masters of this "shoegaze". But I feel that it is an injustice for the The Meeting Places to be labeled this "shoegaze". So for the length of this review I am going to label them "sungaze". Yes, this is a far more suiting label for this band and I hope you will agree once you give em' a listen.
    "Dude? Why would you label them "Sungaze?", you might ask.
   Allow me to explain further. These guys create beautiful, languid music that makes one imagine(or atleast me for the matter) of staring out across a sunny sky. Most of their music is set on this canvas of far-off reverb while the band members layer their instruments on it. I can just imagine these dudes in some building with a view over a sunny ocean with waves calmly flowing in, writing their music.
    They currently have two LP's out: "Find Yourself Along The Way" and "Numbered Days". When I asked them if they were planning or workin on a new album, they replied: "I think we all also share the drive to make a new record that is far superior than the last two. We are definitely in the writing stage of a new album or release of some kind. No dates or schedule is set as we don't want to rush this one.  So far, the new material sounds better and better each week and we will be testing more new songs live this year."
    Definitely stoked to hear that. Can't wait to hear more from them!
They have a show coming up on Wednesday, January 13th at Spaceland in Los Angeles and go on at 11PM. If you live in that area go check em out!

Show them some love on their myspace:
Check out their website:
Buy their LP's (Highly Recommended): Find Yourself Along The Way and Numbered Days
Enjoy a free MP3 of song "Millions" courtesy of the Meeting Places themselves: "Millions"

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