Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Check Out: Motel Motel

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     I am very excited about this band right here. Hailing from Brooklyn, New York I am proud to bring you Motel Motel. These 5 honky-tonk rockers often receive relevance to bands such as Wilco and Cold War Kids, and with good intention. In fact, there are quite a few bands that come to mind when listening to Motel Motel: Two Gallants, Delta Spirit, The Rural Alberta Advantage....  However, I believe these guys bring to the "alt-country" genre, something different. They create this spastic, eccentric sound, full of energy in its purest form. Whether it's the piercing and crooney voice of lead singer Eric Engel, or the incredibly talented band players backing him, this band has found a sound of their own. They do have their soft moments with songs like "Mexico", a song that sounds (in my opinion) as a plea for a detachment from, well, Mexico, for some reason. You can feel the sentiment in Engel's voice as a sings, "My heart my soul please let it go, To the river let it ride let it roll let it roll". Their song "Coffee", and not to deviate from their other music considering it's one of their more renown songs, is a perfect incorporation of both their softer side and their energy.
    They currently have one EP out called "Old Yorke" and an LP out called "New Denver" (remarkable album I might add) and are working on a new LP that will be released sometime during the summer. I'm pretty stoked for it and hopefully you guys will be to once you check em' out.
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Buy their LP (Highly Recommended): New Denver
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