Friday, February 19, 2010

Check Out: MiniBoone

First of all, take a look at the picture......monopoly money, goofy faces and it appears that they are enjoying themselves. So what impression does that give you? Serious, melodramatic and sincere? I hope not, because if that's what you were hoping for, this band will probably let you down. Now, does that mean the band is completely incompetent of creating serious and sincere music? Absolutely not. Take "Devil In Your Eyes", the third song off of there recently released EP "Big Changes", for example. The song begins with a solemn organ setting the mood for a "to-be-taken-seriously" arrangement. As the organ continues, guitar pings and a quick drum beat are layered on, the song progressively grows larger with accompanying hand claps and the guitar pings become clear chords. But juuuuuuusst as you deem the song according to its introduction, the band switches lanes and sings, "You laugh, you cry, everybody has to die" while harmonizing "aahhhs" are heard in the background. And just as you get comfortable with your had boppin to the kick drum, they change time and sing together, "Picking it up, breaking it in, knocking it down, taking your time". Though your sitting there in approval of the time change your going "that was unexpected".....

That is what is so great about this band. They are willing to mix things up and change direction. Very few of their songs follow a direct path throughout the whole song. Yes, there are moments on the EP that stick to a straight-forward and more linear path, "Summer Jams" for example, the first song on the EP, steers pretty straight. But there are many surprises and unforeseen areas that stick out, creating a unique listening experience.  There are also many areas where the band harmonizes sections of lyrics ("Funny Money" and other songs) or just simple "oohs", which is...............(I just realized why there is monopoly money flying around in there picture...)  incredibly enjoyable. I almost want to relate these guys to Pavement. You know, that hidden, underlying humor feel while not completely giving in and getting too silly.

This is a very tight, and creative band that deserves your ears. I highly suggest and recommend you check em' out and give some love. Snag a free MP3 of their insanely good song "Devil In Your Eyes" and give em a shout on myspace.

Oh, by the way, you are required to buy their new EP "Big Changes" if you read this review......sorry, forgot to mention that...............just kidding. BUT you should definitely snag their EP for the pocket-change price of $5 dollars.

"Devil In Your Eyes" Free MP3!

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