Thursday, February 18, 2010

Check Out: Grandaddy "A.M 180"

My interest and love for obscure music can only be given credit to one person: my cousin Kirk. If it weren't for his music suggestions and two simple mix cds, this music blog would probably not exist and I would still be listening to bands that I'm honestly too embarrassed to admit I listened to. So what does that have to do with Grandaddy, dude? Well, the first mix cd from my cousin contained this ridiculously catchy but at the same time ridiculously childish song that eventually transitions into an intriguing rock song. At first I just thought it was funny, now, nearly seven years later, I still listen to it and enjoy it immensely. 
--Time to digress--
Do you remember the first time you considered or gave "indie music" a try? I remember the first band I checked out was Deathcab for Cutie and it was a song called "President Of What". I remember sitting there listening to the song with a WTF? face on, thinking, "What in the world am I listening to?". But for some reason I kept playing the song over and over and it is still one of my favorite DCFC songs ever. Anyways.....if you DO remember your first experience, I am very interested in hearing about. So lend the comment section your experience and let me know!


Anonymous said...

It's kinda sad, I really wish I could remember when I moved away from the mainstream and into indie and alternative music. But in terms of being into music in general, I was never really into all the mainstream pop that much as a kid. Though I will admit, my tastes have matured greatly and still continue to. My great interest in music probably started around age 13 and grew from there slowly.
The first albums I got from more alternative bands were probably the debut Arctic Monkeys album, The Living End's singles album (before they were played on mainstream radio, though their new stuff is alright), and We Were Dead... by Modest Mouse. Though a definite defining point in my musical development was being introduced to Radiohead by my mate. Once I got into them and explored their albums it really opened me up to a whole new level of music, and the way that bands can develop so drastically over time yet still be so brilliant.
Sorry, that's a rather long rambling comment, but that's basically what happened with me. I wish I could remember some kind of click moment where all the indie stuff opened up to me, but I really can't think of it.

milli said...

hmm..? like 'onthetune', no big click moment i'm afraid, certainly not like 'your transition' which i found 'worthy'; 'at least you can remember'!
best i can do is say when my bro was in canada studyin' (in ottawa) i tuned into his campus online radio ( to be 'closer' to him) an' i heard there music i never heard the like of; as you; death cab for cutie, decemberists; but more 'the americana' or some say north of the border 'canadiana', whatever..?
independent musos roamin' around in camper vans playin' music sorta like uptempo folk, or alt folk..?
(be good tanyas) (po'girl) (darlene) etc. totally moved me!
so after my bro left canada i went roamin' for an 'indie' online radio with eclectic taste an' i, quite by the 'forces' of serendipity came across Radio Paradise which i still listen to a lot some years later an' subscribe to, which for me i claim as my 'difinitive' switch to 'indie music', there! howzat..? ;)*

Calvin Ramsey (TooRoads) said...

Dont be sorry for the long comment man, thats what I was looking forward to! And thats cool how Radiohead had an impact on you. That band has definitely stood the test of time and STILL continue to create beautiful and unique music. There are tons of bands that are largely influenced by Radiohead. I think the first album I purchased was The Strokes' "Room On Fire".

Calvin Ramsey (TooRoads) said...

Milli, thats awesome! Thats funny how you found that same station. There is an excellent station on XM/Sirius on channel 26. When it was just Sirius it was called Left Of Center. But that is a great station that introduced me to a slew of bands.
Thanks for sharing ya story!

hanne said...

That's funny! Because I remember my very first exposure to indie music, and I haven't remembered that specific moment until just now reading your post! My aunt gave me Chutes Too Narrow by The Shins. Hearing the first words and your description of a WTF face couldn't be more accurate for me!! I was confused: what is this poppy sound and why does the lead singer have a high voice? Somehow the CD came with me on a foreign exchange trip, and it ended up being played every night when I couldn't sleep. I remember I would always end up falling asleep after "Pink bullets." And I was stuck on Indie music from that point on. Thanks very much for the walk down memory lane :)

Calvin Ramsey (TooRoads) said...

Hahahaha, Hanne, no problem! I enjoyed reading your comment very much. It's funny, because now I'm sure you listen to that Shins album like any other music. But that first time is always interesting.
Thanks for the comment!