Monday, February 8, 2010

Check Out: The Walkmen "Seven Years of Holiday"

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My absolute favorite song by The Walkmen (probably my favorite band).The song begins in-your-face with wildly strummed guitars until they slow down and pick back up. All while Leithauser wails "and I've lived in a suitcase....for too long". The band rises and falls with Leithauser's vocals like a giant wave rolling towards the shore. This persists throughout the song until about two minutes in, when the songs flattens out for a breather. This is were the songs' climax comes in with a magnificent spine-tingling crescendo then flattens out again for the end. 
Might take a couple of listens to get into, but OH MAN....what a reward you get.
Hope you guys enjoy it!

OH! I almost forgot!! 
Listen to this song AS LOUD AS YOU CAN!