Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Top 10 Covers

    Ahh yes. Whats better than a good (or bad) song that gets redone only to sound better? I'm sure you could thing of a slew of things that are better, but well just say "nothing" at this point. It is quite a bold move to cover someone else's work. Sometimes it can be flattering and in some ways offending. 

However they may be taken, there have been some absolutely ground-breaking covers. There has been instances where people thing the cover is the original and are totally oblivious to the original. Funny huh?. 

    Here are 10 of my favorite covers. There are bands in this list that I absolutely can't stand, but I have to give credit to their covers.

Snag the MP3 of them (if provided). Hope you enjoy them! 

    Drop a comment and lemme know some of your favorite covers!


(In no particular order)

1. "Take On Me" - Reel Big Fish (as made famous by: Aha)

2. "Kid A" - John Mayer (....Radiohead)

3. "Love Will Tear Us Apart" - Squarepusher (......Joy Division)

4. "Land of Confusion" - Disturbed (.....Genesis)

5. "99 Red Balloons" - Goldfinger (......Nena)

6. "All Along The Watchtower" – Jemi Hendrix (……Bob Dylan)

7. "Daily Routine" – Phaseone (…..Animal Collective)

8. "Rave On" – M. Ward (……Buddy Holly)

9. "To Go Home" – M. Ward (…..Daniel Johnson)

10. "Superstar" – Sonic Youth (…..The Carpenters)



millicent said...

thanx calvin!

got 9/10 downloads, pretty good battin' average! ;)*

silent_hotels said...

not quite feeling the love will tear us apart cover

surprised radiohead's version of ceremony isnt in here actually

the others are good though :)

Calvin Ramsey (TooRoads) said...

Haha thanks Milli.
Silent Hotels, I agree on the "Love WIll Tear Us Apart" I wouldnt necessarily say its better than the original but still pretty good.
I've yet to hear that version from Radiohead. Ill check it out