Sunday, February 28, 2010

Check Out: You Say Party! We Say Die! "There Is XXXX (in my heart)"

Party! DIE! Party! DIE!
YSP!WSD! is a quintet from Canada who create dark, dancy, anthem-like music. Think Metric meets Yeah Yeah Yeahs. "There is XXXX (in my heart)" is a perfect example of what this band has to offer. The song has a haunting but super catchy melody that plays while "There is love within my heart, there is love! love! love!" is sung. The song starts off isolated with Becky Ninkovic singing perfectly in context with the chilly melody but transitions with harmonizing "ohhhs" until about two minutes in where the drums and a rest of the band blast in.
Check it out. Snag a download. Lemme know what ya think!

 "There is XXXX (in my heart)" Free MP3!

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