Monday, March 1, 2010

Check Out: Fyfe Dangerfield "When You Walk In The Room"

"What for?"
Fyfe Dangerfield's upcoming album "Fly Yellow Moon".
"Hmm, never heard of him."
Me neither, at least not until this very day. I was exposed to a lovely track by the name of "Faster Than The Setting Sun". I checked out more on him as soon as I could and discovered another equally brilliant song by the name of "When You Walk In The Room". Though I would much have rather put up the first song, due to lack of linkable media(seriously, nothing), I will post this song. The introduction WILL mislead you. Hope you enjoy!!

Oh ya! Question: What was the VERY first album you purchased??? Lemmeknow Lemmeknow!
I actually got two at the same time. The Strokes' "Room On Fire" (what a great album!) and Jimmy Eat World's "Futures" (meh, alright haha).

"When You Walk In The Room" Free MP3


milli said...

afta listenin' to joni mitchell at home with my folks for years i thought, oh well, that's it, until 1990/91 when 'night ride home' came out, i snaffled it right away an' realized joni's not finished yit, not by a long shot! an' what a fantastic album, she's since recorded a whole heap more, but none (for me) like 'night ride home' (that's romance for ya!;)*

Calvin Ramsey (TooRoads) said...

hahah! thats awesome. I don't believe I've listened to Joni Mitchell. I'll have to check her music out.

Anonymous said...

how about the first monumental CD I bought? Because I don't remember my first CD (and it was probably Nsync or Backstreet boys :P). But I do remember one night going to my school's open mic night. There were the usual decent acts of bands, comedy, and poetry. But then I remembered watching this band take stage and then one kid started playing his guitar but with a violin bow. Everyone started cheering as they recognized this song with that characteristic opener. I had never heard of it before, so i remembered some lyrics and looked it up later. That eventually led me to buy my first monumental CD: Led Zeppelin. And the song I had heard was Dazed and Confused.

Calvin Ramsey (TooRoads) said...

Oh gosh... Led Zeppelin....Words cannot describe just how good they are. Out of ALL of their stuff....the ONLY song I really don't care for is "Whole Lotta Love". Great first album! Thanks for the comment!