Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let's Have Some Fun: Results/ New Menomena Song!

On an earlier post I displayed a picture of me holding the new Fang Island album (which I have been playing non-stop every since) and gave the opportunity for others to do the same, only with albums that they liked. Wwweeelllll luckily it wasn't a total blow out! Bobby Jones of Indie.Pleasures, participated and chose the debut album "Another City, Another Sorry" by The Answering Machine, whom I am unaware of but will definitely check out. Big big big big big thanks to Mr. Jones for the participation. I will continue to run this little schindig for awhile so if you still want to participate just send me a picture of you holding your favorite album/album of choice at!

Also, indie rockers, Menomena, will be releasing their new album on July 27th!!! Check out their new song "Pilgrim's Progress".

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Anonymous said...

Hey man, you might have to upload the picture separately somewhere, it doesn't work when you hotlink it directly from hotmail.
And i'll send ya in a photo soon.