Saturday, April 10, 2010

More Participants!

Thanks to those who have participated! This will continue for some time so tell your friends! If I get enough I'll try and make a little slide show of everyone. Just take a pic of yourself with your favorite album or any album you like and it to....

Bobby Jones of Indie.Pleasures, "Another City, Another Sorry" by The Answering Machine

Florence with Bombay Bicycle Club's "I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose"

Stuart (lead singer from the Oxygen Index*good stuff!*) with Maccabees’ ‘Wall of Arms’

Tabetha with The XX's excellent self-titled debut album 

Conor, from Broken Lighting with Courteeners "Falcon"

Jeremy, author of the awesome music blog On The Tune, with Los Campesinos!' "Romance is Boring"

Thank You SO Much For Your Participation!
With that I will leave you with this amazing track from Colorado duo Gauntlet Hair!!
"I Was Thinking..." - Gauntlet Hair (Free MP3)


Indiearto said...

Dude mine is on its way!

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